summer 2019 catalogue collection

Living Room

It’s the variety that keeps things interesting — so express your shelves.

French Mason Jar French Mason Jar FRENCH MASON JAR

$68.00 - $88.00 + more options

Grid Bottle Vase Grid Bottle Vase GRID BOTTLE VASE

$68.00 - $168.00 + more options

Wide Grid Box Wide Grid Box Best Seller: WIDE GRID BOX

$68.00 - $108.00 + more options

Closed Cube Object Closed Cube Object CLOSED CUBE OBJECT

WAS: $117.00 NOW: $58.99 + more options

Open Cube Object Open Cube Object OPEN CUBE OBJECT

WAS: $57.00 NOW: $47.99 + more options

Gray Stripe Planter Gray Stripe Planter Best Seller: GRAY STRIPE PLANTER

$18.00 - $38.00 + more options

Sgraffito Pot Sgraffito Pot SGRAFFITO POT

$16.00 - $26.00 + more options

Deliah Pillow Cover Deliah Pillow Cover Free Shipping: DELIAH PILLOW COVER

$196.00 - $308.00 + more options

Taft Pillow Cover Taft Pillow Cover Free Shipping: TAFT PILLOW COVER

$134.00 - $188.00 + more options

Lisbeth Pillow Cover Lisbeth Pillow Cover Free Shipping: LISBETH PILLOW COVER

$212.00 - $338.00 + more options

Jenson Chair Jenson Chair JENSON CHAIR

$1,086.00 + more options

Jenson Chair Jenson Chair JENSON CHAIR

$1,086.00 + more options

Vienna Mirror Vienna Mirror VIENNA MIRROR

$1,150.00 - $2,200.00 + more options

Pixel Wheat Woven Wool Rug Pixel Wheat Woven Wool Rug PIXEL WHEAT WOVEN WOOL RUG

$84.00 - $2,552.00 + more options

Cosette Chair Cosette Chair Best Seller: COSETTE CHAIR

$1,388.00 + more options

Madison Chair Madison Chair Best Seller: MADISON CHAIR

$295.00 + more options

Life has more
than we do.

— François Truffaut

This is what makes the everyday an endless source of inspiration. Gathering color palettes from a farmer’s market, achieving the airy freshness of a garden in a home, and stumbling across found objects that bring your home to life better than you could’ve ever predicted—part of the creative process is letting these moments happen in all its glory and feeling enlivened from it.