Clean & Collected Kitchen

We love a clean modern slate. It’s all in the mix––filled with found and textural pieces, this kitchen feels fresh and thoughtfully curated over time.

Green Terracotta Bowl

Green Terracotta Bowl


Simple in shape, but unique in the details, our Green Terracotta Bowl is a one-of-kind piece. Crafted from terracotta, its...

Lightwell Hand Wash Lightwell Hand Wash LIGHTWELL HAND WASH

$36.00 + more options

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Joie Plate Joie Plate JOIE PLATE

WAS: $13.00 - $18.00 NOW: $9.99 - $13.99 + more options

Lothantique Linen Water Lothantique Linen Water LOTHANTIQUE LINEN WATER

$26.00 - $33.00 + more options

Vintage Rolling Pins (Set of 4)

Vintage Rolling Pins (Set of 4)


Rolling out dough has never been easier than with our Vintage Rolling Pins. Each smooth curved handle fits perfectly in...

Malou Bowl Malou Bowl MALOU BOWL

$10.00 + more options

Iron Handled Cutting Board Iron Handled Cutting Board IRON HANDLED CUTTING BOARD

WAS: $165.00 - $210.00 NOW: $115.99 - $146.99 + more options

Mateus Canister Mateus Canister MATEUS CANISTER

$22.00 - $26.00 + more options

Mercer Canister Mercer Canister MERCER CANISTER

$125.00 - $155.00 + more options

Stoneware Berry Bowl Stoneware Berry Bowl STONEWARE BERRY BOWL

$12.00 + more options

Stamped Concrete Vase Stamped Concrete Vase STAMPED CONCRETE VASE

WAS: $288.00 NOW: $215.99

Joie Bowl Joie Bowl JOIE BOWL

$11.00 + more options

Wooden Bowl Wooden Bowl Best Seller: WOODEN BOWL

$48.00 - $156.00 + more options