Elevated Natural

Clean lines and a mix of textiles lends a high-end and eclectic living room look, all at the same time. Stacked artwork with a mix of styles and shapes in the decor makes the space feel curated. 



$46.00 - $442.00 + more options

The Pompeii rug adds a touch of that vintage look we love so much without compromising on quality! With distressed...

Hakan Vase Hakan Vase HAKAN VASE

$33.00 - $53.00 + more options

Get Inspired

Wilmot Boxes Wilmot Boxes New: WILMOT BOXES

$147.00 - $195.00 + more options

Walker Sofa Walker Sofa New: WALKER SOFA

$4,200.00 - $4,800.00 + more options

Mackenzie Chair

Mackenzie Chair


The Mackenzie Chair is modern in form, and artisan in make.  Its slim black metal frame is outfitted with top-grain...

Bewildered Beauty 2 Bewildered Beauty 2 BEWILDERED BEAUTY 2

$125.00 - $338.00 + more options

Fringed Alpaca Throw Fringed Alpaca Throw FRINGED ALPACA THROW

$295.00 + more options

Faux Potted Olive Tree Faux Potted Olive Tree FAUX POTTED OLIVE TREE

$144.00 - $675.00 + more options

Bamboo River Basket Bamboo River Basket BAMBOO RIVER BASKET

$44.00 - $64.00 + more options

Nailah Ceramic Bowl Nailah Ceramic Bowl New: NAILAH CERAMIC BOWL

$111.00 - $147.00 + more options

Elemental Candle Elemental Candle ELEMENTAL CANDLE

$45.00 + more options