New Classic Kitchen

Juxtaposing the glam of our mercury glass pendants with the soft, warm aesthetic of our Eloise Woven Counter Stool gives this kitchen a modern take on a classic kitchen look.

Eloise Woven Counter Stool

Eloise Woven Counter Stool


From the slight tapering of the legs to the woven paper cord seats, we designed our Eloise Woven Counter Stool...

Lorford Smoke Bell Lantern Lorford Smoke Bell Lantern Free Shipping: LORFORD SMOKE BELL LANTERN

$985.00 - $2,829.00 + more options

Murchison-Hume Hand Duo Murchison-Hume Hand Duo MURCHISON-HUME HAND DUO

$52.00 + more options

Reclaimed Wood Bread Boards Reclaimed Wood Bread Boards RECLAIMED WOOD BREAD BOARDS

$96.00 - $120.00 + more options

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Rattan Trunk Basket Rattan Trunk Basket RATTAN TRUNK BASKET

$58.00 - $98.00 + more options

Navy Cachepot Navy Cachepot NAVY CACHEPOT

$20.00 - $36.00 + more options

Porcelain Berry Bowl Porcelain Berry Bowl PORCELAIN BERRY BOWL

$10.00 + more options

Numbered Pudding Bowl Numbered Pudding Bowl NUMBERED PUDDING BOWL

$35.00 - $55.00 + more options

Nava Stoneware Pitcher

Nava Stoneware Pitcher


Crafted with a classic silhouette, our Nava Stoneware Pitcher features a ribbed look and feel for eye-catching interest. This pitcher...