Traditional Refresh

While we love an all-white kitchen, we think navy is just as classic. Brass hardware and textural counter stools add just the right amount of warmth to its cool cabinet tones.  Finished off with the right accessories, a muted plaid runner, and modern lighting, this kitchen balances traditional with contemporary.

Eugene Pendant

Eugene Pendant

$449.00 - $629.00 + more options

We love these pendants so much, we've got them all over our studio! We love their metal shade and the...

Faux Potted Lavender Basket Faux Potted Lavender Basket FAUX POTTED LAVENDER BASKET

$98.00 - $148.00 + more options

Glass Canister Glass Canister New: GLASS CANISTER

$31.00 - $43.00 + more options

Get Inspired

Mercer Canister Mercer Canister New: MERCER CANISTER

$125.00 - $155.00 + more options

Maude Counter Stool

Maude Counter Stool


Sitting on a black metal frame, the natural rattan peel wrapped seat is not only comfortable but stylish. The Maude Counter...

Rustic Stepping Stool Rustic Stepping Stool New: RUSTIC STEPPING STOOL

$98.00 - $135.00 + more options

Reactive Glazed Colander Reactive Glazed Colander REACTIVE GLAZED COLANDER

$16.00 - $22.00 + more options

Speckle Glazed Jar Speckle Glazed Jar New: SPECKLE GLAZED JAR

$28.00 - $84.00 + more options

Lightwell Hand Wash Lightwell Hand Wash New: LIGHTWELL HAND WASH

$36.00 + more options

Glazed Porcelain Bowl Glazed Porcelain Bowl GLAZED PORCELAIN BOWL

$45.00 - $126.00 + more options

Iron Handled Cutting Board Iron Handled Cutting Board IRON HANDLED CUTTING BOARD

$165.00 - $210.00 + more options

Textured Ceramic Jug Textured Ceramic Jug New: TEXTURED CERAMIC JUG

$20.00 - $25.00 + more options

Beechwood Bowl Beechwood Bowl BEECHWOOD BOWL

$98.00 - $298.00 + more options

Reclaimed Wood Bread Boards Reclaimed Wood Bread Boards RECLAIMED WOOD BREAD BOARDS

$75.00 - $108.00 + more options

Esmee Bowl Esmee Bowl New: ESMEE BOWL

$32.00 - $58.00 + more options