Bamburgh Sky Wallpaper By Sanderson

  • SKU: MWDC0170-GRY-DR
  • This item ships within 7-10 business days

• Length: 27" W x 33' L
• Vertical Pattern Repeat: 30" L
• Covers approx. 74 square feet
• Half drop match
• Double roll
• Before ordering your wallpaper, we recommend measuring your wall space to determine how many rolls you will need. To do so, combine the width of each wall, then multiply that number by the ceiling height. You will then divide this number by the square footage of one roll

Marbled and muted, the Bamburgh Sky Wallpaper has a dreamy, hand-painted watercolor design reminiscent of changing clouds. Its cream tones and thoughtful feel add intention and beauty to bedrooms and living spaces, offering both movement and warmth.

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