Dallas Hide

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• 100% natural cowhide.
• Hides vary in pattern and shape.

Whether they're left alone or layered over a jute rug--we love cowhides for their tone, texture, and shape. We use them in living areas, entryways, and under desks and tables. 

Due to the exquisitely natural materials, no two cowhides are exactly alike. As a result of the inherent qualities of a natural product, there may be variations which include but are not limited to- size, color, texture, hair length, pattern, patches and branding. These natural variations are what make your hide truly one-of-a-kind.

• Vacuum regularly and spot clean as needed. Professional cleaning is recommended.
• Shake rug to remove dust and dirt.
• Brush rug regularly.
• High-powered vacuums can pull hairs from hide. Use handheld attachment when vacuuming if possible.
• Clean spills immediately. Blot stain with clean white cloth. Always use lukewarm water to remove andy residual stain and dry towels to absorb remaining moisture.

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