Duo Handle Bread Board

$36.99 Reg $95.00$95.00
  • SKU: MKTN0558-NAT-SQ

• Dimensions: 14" L x 12" W x 1" H
• Material: Oak

Crafted from high-quality oak wood, this breadboard adds double the function with its rounded handles on either side. Its food-safe design is a perfect accessory for hosting, adding a more intentional feel to your holiday gatherings.

• Consistent care will extend the life of each board.
• At least once a month, apply an even coat of butcher block conditioner or natural mineral oil to all surfaces of the cutting board.
• Sanitize by wiping all surfaces with mild dish soap and water.
• Do not use harsh or abrasive products when washing this item. The oil rubs off in a brown color if not washed carefully. We recommend washing with a damp cloth. Leakage is expected.
• Our cutting boards are finished with organic mineral oils that are food safe and FDA approved. Without the oil, the board will be lighter. To keep your cutting boards in good condition, oil them often.

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