Halbert 6-Drawer Dresser

  • SKU: MFRN0746-MHG-6D

• Dimensions: 47.5" W X 22" D X 33" H
• Material: Mahogany
• Finish: Pale
• Weight: 125 lbs

The Halbert 6-Drawer Dresser accentuates any bedroom with its rich color, and subtle textural finish.  Made of mahogany with a depth defying finish, it easily elevates your color scheme and design.

• Please use only a damp towel to spot clean hard and woven surfaces. Do not use any type of cleaner that contains harsh chemicals as this may damage the finish. Please be sure to use a coaster or trivet (if applicable) under hot or cold items to protect the finish. If moisture touches a surface, wipe off immediately.

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