Joanna Bookshelf

Backordered Until 1/3/2023
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• Dimensions: 76.25" W x 70.25" H x 17" D
• Adjustable Shelf Height: 16.3 inches - move up to 7.4 inches at a time
• Inside Width of Shelves: 76”
• Depth of Shelves: 13.46”
• Materials: Reclaimed Pine
• This item does not ship pre-assembled. Assembly required.

Crafted from reclaimed pine for a throwback look and feel, our Joanna Bookshelf adds interest to objects placed within its open air form. With eye-catching simplicity, this versatile bookshelf stores anything from toys in kids rooms to your most treasured knick-knacks in your study.

Some assembly required.

• Please use only a damp towel to spot clean hard and woven surfaces. Do not use any type of cleaner that contains harsh chemicals as this may damage the finish. Please be sure to use a coaster or trivet (if applicable) under hot or cold items to protect the finish. If moisture touches a surface, wipe off immediately.
• Reclaimed wood pieces by nature are distressed and porous, and have not been treated. Much like antique furniture, proper care of your piece will allow for a lifetime of enjoyment.