Sunflower Wallpaper By William Morris

  • MWDC0160-SLV-DR
  • This item ships within 7-10 business days.

• 35' L x 27" W
• Covers 78.75 square feet
• Repeat is 24"
• We recommend professional installation for seamless results
• Not recommended for textured walls as it will not adhere as well as a flat, primed surface
• Before ordering your wallpaper, we recommend measuring your wall space to determine how many rolls you will need. To do so, combine the width of each wall, then multiply that number by the ceiling height. You will then divide this number by the square footage of one roll, (78.75 square feet).

Designed in 1879, the Sunflower Wallpaper is created from the original block print pattern. Printed on linear paper and enlarged to create a contemporary feel, this wallpaper makes a statement in your home with its striking single-color design.