Topeka Hide

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• 100% Natural Brazilian Cowhide
• Hides vary in pattern and shape

This 100% natural Brazilian cowhide is truly one of a kind, and hand selected for its unmatched beauty and quality. Anchoring your office, our Topeka Hide adds character and a high-design feel to your space.  

Due to the exquisitely natural materials, no two cowhides are exactly alike. As a result of the inherent qualities of a natural product, there may be variations which include but are not limited to- size, color, texture, hair length, pattern, patches and branding. These natural variations are what make your hide truly one-of-a-kind.

• Vacuum regularly and spot clean as needed. Professional cleaning is recommended.
• Shake rug to remove dust and dirt.
• Brush rug regularly.
• High-powered vacuums can pull hairs from hide. Use handheld attachment when vacuuming if possible.
• Clean spills immediately. Blot stain with clean white cloth. Always use lukewarm water to remove andy residual stain and dry towels to absorb remaining moisture.