Vintage Windy Field Painting

  • SKU: MART0965-MLT-13x10-UF

• Dimensions: 12.99" W x 9.84" H
• Unframed
• This is truly a one of a kind, found item. Embracing its vintage beauty, this piece may contain imperfections from years of wear. These imperfections are not considered defective.

A collectible piece of vintage artwork, Vintage Windy Field Painting was painted by Sevastyanov Viktor Grigorievich. This is an original piece, and the only one like it in the world. With layers of texture and brush strokes that convey movement and dimension, this piece is reminiscent of breezy meadows just before summer rain.

• Vintage items are delicate. Carefully dust with feather duster or soft cloth and keep out of direct sunlight.