McGee & Co. Artwork Guide

Start curating your personal gallery with everything you need to know about our museum-quality artwork collection.

High-Quality Features

Made with techniques that elevate artwork beyond a standard print, these handmade details and premium craftsmanship showcase the quality that makes our collection so special.

A Look Inside Our Process

Intentionally selected and intricately crafted, each McGee & Co. art piece is curated with the personal touch of Shea McGee and our product design team.

Intentionally Curate by Season

Taking inspiration from each season’s palette and mood, Shea McGee provides the concept for all artwork and works with the McGee & Co. product design team to curate pieces from artist partners, exclusive collaborations, and vintage markets.  

Each piece is hand-selected for its palette and composition. 

Determine Size and Type of Print

Next, Shea and the design team determine what size and medium best complement and highlight the artwork. From small giclee to large canvas prints, each piece undergoes careful consideration so the final product best serves the artwork itself. 

Hand Select Framing and Matting Treatments

The processes for sizing, print type, and framing work hand-in-hand. Depending on print-type, size, and the artwork itself, additional features may be selected by the McGee & Co. design team to create a gallery-quality experience. Additional features include artist enhancement, hand-deckled edges, floating, or weighted mats. 

The design team likewise hand-selects the moulding for each piece to ensure the artwork is properly and thoughtfully framed.

Review Every Sample

Both Shea and the design team meticulously review each sample piece with respect and appreciation for the artwork. Making comments, approvals, and adjustments, the team makes necessary changes to ensure each piece is just right. The final product is a stunning piece of artwork, given personal touches at every step of the process. 

Our Expanding Collection

From captivating landscapes to evocative abstract paintings, each piece in our curated collection has been thoughtfully chosen as a striking focal point or beautiful backdrop for any space.

Artwork Care

To extend the life of your artwork, limit sun exposure. Although we have a robust selection of plexiglass styles that help mitigate sun damage, keep your framed glass artwork away from direct sunlight to maintain the color vitality. Canvas and wood-printed pieces are more durable against areas of direct sunlight.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy art for the home?

Our curated collection of artwork, including original artist collaborations, vintage finds, and hand-selected pieces, makes it easy to source premium-quality artwork for the home. Because each piece is intentionally selected and enhanced, the McGee & Co. artwork collection is a highly curated gallery of pieces that elevate and enrich the home.

Which wall art is good for the living room?

When sourcing wall art for the living room, include artwork that speaks to the surroundings of the home. Using artwork that highlights the nearby landscape makes the home feel personal and brings the outdoors inside. Additionally, include artwork that speaks to the palette of the room. This is a great way to carry a palette throughout a single room, or from room to room within a home.

What is the best art for the home?

The best artwork for your home is the one that inspires you and feels personal. Whether it’s a landscape that reminds you of your favorite place, a color palette that inspires a particular mood, or a photograph that expresses your passions, artwork should add unique personality to your home. 

How can I buy art for my home? 

When buying artwork for your home, start with size. Measure your space and make a note of the general size. Next, consider your room’s color palette and browse by genre (such as photograph, drawing, landscape, or vintage).

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