summer 2019 catalogue collection


Create a sanctuary in your own home with a space to take much needed care of yourself. From plush towels to fragrant scents, make the everyday feel like a treat.

Cozumel Bath Towel Cozumel Bath Towel COZUMEL BATH TOWEL

$86.00 + more options

Cozumel Bath Towel Cozumel Bath Towel COZUMEL BATH TOWEL

$86.00 + more options

Pismo Bath Collection Pismo Bath Collection PISMO BATH COLLECTION

$12.00 - $38.00 + more options

Toulon Bath Collection Toulon Bath Collection TOULON BATH COLLECTION

$20.00 - $98.00 + more options

Hadleigh Hand Towel Hadleigh Hand Towel HADLEIGH HAND TOWEL

$98.00 + more options

Maple Lidded Canisters Maple Lidded Canisters MAPLE LIDDED CANISTERS

$54.00 - $68.00 + more options

Seren Basket Seren Basket New: SEREN BASKET

$62.00 - $94.00 + more options

Bath Brushes Bath Brushes BATH BRUSHES

$15.00 - $18.00 + more options

Lightwell Hand Wash Lightwell Hand Wash New: LIGHTWELL HAND WASH

$36.00 + more options

Apothecary Bath Salts Apothecary Bath Salts APOTHECARY BATH SALTS

$30.00 + more options

Joie Plate Joie Plate New: JOIE PLATE

$13.00 - $18.00 + more options

Kemble Tray Kemble Tray New: KEMBLE TRAY

$75.00 + more options

Leather Handled Tray Leather Handled Tray New: LEATHER HANDLED TRAY

$300.00 + more options

Life has more
than we do.

— François Truffaut

This is what makes the everyday an endless source of inspiration. Gathering color palettes from a farmer’s market, achieving the airy freshness of a garden in a home, and stumbling across found objects that bring your home to life better than you could’ve ever predicted—part of the creative process is letting these moments happen in all its glory and feeling enlivened from it.