Designer Tip


Wreaths aren't just for the front door! We love hanging wreaths in windows, in front of mirrors, or even in the kitchen.

Faux Native Cedar Wreath Faux Native Cedar Wreath FAUX NATIVE CEDAR WREATH

WAS: $255.00 NOW: $114.99

Faux Holiday Cedar Wreath Faux Holiday Cedar Wreath FAUX HOLIDAY CEDAR WREATH

WAS: $124.00 NOW: $55.99

Faux Cedar & Pine Wreath Faux Cedar & Pine Wreath FAUX CEDAR & PINE WREATH

WAS: $290.00 NOW: $130.99

Faux 5' Fir Tree Faux 5' Fir Tree FAUX 5' FIR TREE

WAS: $285.00 NOW: $142.99

Faux Mixed Evergreen Garland Faux Mixed Evergreen Garland FAUX MIXED EVERGREEN GARLAND

WAS: $285.00 NOW: $127.99

Faux Native Cedar Garland Faux Native Cedar Garland FAUX NATIVE CEDAR GARLAND

WAS: $255.00 NOW: $114.99

Faux Juniper Berry Stem Faux Juniper Berry Stem FAUX JUNIPER BERRY STEM

WAS: $42.00 NOW: $18.99

Faux Flat Cedar Stem Faux Flat Cedar Stem FAUX FLAT CEDAR STEM

WAS: $18.00 NOW: $7.99

Faux Hemlock Stem Faux Hemlock Stem FAUX HEMLOCK STEM

WAS: $22.00 NOW: $9.99

Faux Cypress Branch Faux Cypress Branch FAUX CYPRESS BRANCH

WAS: $35.00 NOW: $15.99