The Everyday Collection

Breathe life into your home with thoughtful aromas that are handmade to enjoy burn after burn.


Curated with Shea McGee, our five essential candles bring refreshing luxury to the everyday.

"Incredibly nuanced fragrances, strong throw. They're the most sophisticated scent blends."


"Strong but not overpowering. Just perfect."


"They smell so fresh and clean. Like I'm at a spa!"


"The candles literally fill the entire room in minutes, burn forever, and smell incredible."


"How about the fact that I haven't even lit the candle and it smells my whole house up!"


Every candle is hand-poured and labeled in small batches from the highest quality ingredients for a luxurious aroma that envelops your space.


Soap & Lotion Duo

Experience our everyday scents in new ways.

Everyday Candle Tester

Test our candles to find your favorite scent.


Citrus & Birch Diffuser

One of our favorite everyday scents is reimagined in the Citrus & Birch Diffuser. With an alcohol-free diffuser base and a blend of premium essential oils and fine fragrances, this diffuser creates a clean aroma with a beautiful aesthetic.