Timeless & Dimensional Kitchen

Timeless & Dimensional Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, we're all about pieces that are pretty but still functional. From oak crafted seating to durable hand-woven rugs and statement-making decor, each element works together to tell a story of bringing beauty to the everyday.


“Labor and love truly intersect in the kitchen, and when you're re-creating your kitchen, you're not just creating a new space; you're creating new memories.”

— Shea McGee

From the aniline-dyed leather seat to the metal footrest, the Beau Counterstool brings designer-details to the home's forefront, merging rustic and modern influences.

Syd & SHae


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Over the years, we've learned a thing or two about what makes the everyday beautiful. It's not about the size of your space but creating a place to enjoy the most important part of the home—the people in it.

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