Crypton Upholstery Swatch

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• Midnight Crypton: 88% Poly, 12% Linen
• Dove Crypton: 88% Poly, 12% Linen
• Twine Crypton: 84% Poly, 12% cotton, 4% Acryllic
• Sand Crypton: 92% Poly, 8% Linen

A performance fabric with protective technology to resist stains, repel water, prevent odors, and inhibit the growth of bacteria—all without sacrificing aesthetics, hand, or breathability.

Spot clean using a water-based shampoo or upholstery cleaner. If something spills on your furniture, use a clean, damp cloth to soak up the liquid. Never scrub the cloth and grind the stain into the fabric. When using a cleaner, test it on a hidden area of the sofa first. To keep your upholstery in top condition, we recommend to instruct a professional cleaning service to use pure solvents.

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