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Marcella Handwoven Rug


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Premium Indoor Rug Pad

Securely anchor your rug into place with our rug pad of choice. Offering cushioning, insulation, a secure non-slip grip, and floor protection, this rug pad is suitable for use on both hard and carpeted surfaces.

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• Material: Viscose & Wool
• Material Explanation: Synthetic blended rugs combine performance elements with the look and feel of wool to provide extra durability, great value, and a soft and luxurious feel. Some shedding is to be expected but will decrease over time. A rug made with a synthetic blend contains either polyester, viscose, or nylon.
• Construction: Hand-Loomed
• Construction Explanation: A hand-loomed rug is braided or woven directly on a loom, which produces low profile rug. Hand-loom rugs are durable and long wearing. Some hand-loomed rugs may have a solid backing, but many are flat-weave and reversible. Because they are crafted by artisans, no two hand-loomed rugs are alike.
• Color Description: Light Brown, cream, dark brown geometric design
• Pile Height: 7-8 mm

Our Marcella Handwoven Rug brings both versatility and elegant detail to your space with its intricate design and neutral tan palette. Hand loom-knotted with a wool blend, this rug elevates your space with its sophisticated and timeless feel.

To maintain your synthetic rug, we recommend regular vacuuming to remove dirt and debris. Be sure to turn the beater bar setting off on your vacuum. If loose ends appear on the rug, you can clip them with scissors to remove. If spills occur, blot them immediately with a clean, dry cloth and use a cleaning detergent safe for these materials on any stains. For substantial spills and stains, we suggest professional cleaning only. Rugs placed in direct sunlight will fade over time, so we recommend rotating your rug periodically.

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